Generic Vilitra is widely honored for treating erectile dysfunction. The erectile dysfunction is the inability of the man to enjoy the intimacy session instead of sexually aroused. For such man this drug provides a promising approach to satisfyhis partner sexually with ease.

Sex is the strength of the nuptial bond. Nobody can deny the importance of sex in the couple’s life. But, some couple doesn’t have a bliss full sexual life. Due to this, day to day they face a problem in their life. The most common issue is due to the erection dysfunction in man. The man won’t be able to get hard and long erection to have satisfied sex. This leads to dissatisfaction for both the couple. Most of the chronic disease has a devastating impact on the lives of suffer but this problem impact the sufferer both physically and mentally. The man feels less like a man and lost its virility. As being it’s a private concern, man feels shamed it discussing about it with anyone. Buta man should not be disheartened,as there area number of men who are facing this problem. The oral medication gives a ray of hope and new life to the couple to have a blissful sexual life easily. The superlative drug which is used by a man plethora for this problem is Vilitra.


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Generic Vilitra is a popular medication, which is commonly used for treating erectile dysfunction in male. The problem of erection occurred mainly when the penile organ doesn’t get a satisfactory amount of blood during the course of sexual intimacy. This dynamic drug just enhances the blood flow to this organ.

Why Vilitra?

Vilitra has the potential to take off the person from impotencyto potency in just few minutes. It helps to bring the power back in male by acting on a specific enzyme – phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). The proactive ingredient isVardenafilwhich quashes the enzyme PDE5 in order to elevate the levels of cGMP and Nitric Oxide. As these potent chemicals are crucial for carrying out certain physiological changes in the body, such as relaxing the penile muscles, dilating the blood vessels and augments the blood flow in the male genital part to boost the process of erection. Along with this, this drug sustains an erection for longer duration. The drug wok for those only who are sexually excited, it will not for low sex drive.

The ideal dosage of Vilitra is 20 mg in a day, which is to be taken orally approximately30 minutes before planning to have sex. The pill should be taken orally with a glass full of water. Alcohol and diet rich in fat are totally restricted during dosage, because they tend to obstruct the drug absorption process in the blood to a greater extent, and leading to undesired results. A time lapse of 24 hours should be maintain between two doses to evade overdose and its complications. Vilitra also comes in the dose of 20mg and 60mg.The intake of the dose depends upon the requirement and condition of the individual.

The individual should know about complete profile of the drug before taking this drug. As there may be a chance that the man experience some unwanted effects along with its desired responses like nausea, vomiting, hot flashes, headache, loss of hearing and blurry vision which disappear after some time.


  • Avoid driving
  • Don’t take fat rich diet
  • Don’t take more than the recommended dose in a day.

Vilitra is a proactive component which takes off the journey from impotency to potency easily. Buy Vilitra or generic Vardenafil online at the lowest price at your doorway.